How to get a free domain and server

Are you an upcoming web-designer, developer or just a web newbie and you are looking for a good online server to practice your stuff or maybe show it to the world without spending cash. Then this post is for you.
When you enter new to the web to hear different things like server, domain and more and you find out that most of them aren’t free, but all you want to do is practice your stuff and skill. Following this few step will get you a server and domain up in no time without a dime.

Part 1 – creating a domain

Step 1 – Go to This is a free domain-giving site. But you’re only limited to a .tk extension, but if you check at you can get other extensions like .ga and more. If you want a .com or anything else you can buy the at other domain websites.

Step 2 – Naming your site:

Next up, you’ll have to register a domain name. Choose a good domain name that you won’t regret later, then click GO. If your domain name is already taken then you’ll have to choose another one else you move on to the next page.

Step 3 – Registering the domain:

Next up, you’ll have to register the domain by completing the registration form. In the first field, get a random image from Google and paste the link there. Next select how long you wish to use the domain ( don’t worry you can still renew for free). Next fill the captcha. Then you sign up with any of your social account ( I advise you use your email). Then a verification code will be sent to you after that you’ll be taken to another page where you paste the verification code sent to you. Then you can activate your account. Note if you visit your site it’ll show the image you pasted, don’t worry about it. We’ll solve that now.

Part 2- setting up a server

Step 4 – Setting up an online server:

Go to This is an online hosting site. It’s has a lot to offer and it’s simply free. Now create an account with them. You’ll have to put your domain name and password then create account and you’re done. Now copy their nameservers ( and After that we move on to the next part.

Part 3 – linking domain to server

Go back to and login to your dot tk account you should then login to with your email. After that you’ll be re-directed to, here you then scroll down and click on MY DOMAIN then you’ll see all your active accounts you then click on manage account. Then go to management tool and click nameservers. Then you’ll see an input field for your nameservers, in the first field paste the first nameserver ( and in the second paste the second nameserver  ( Then save.
Note it might take up to 24 hours before your domain links to the server  (propagation).

Now you can go to your website and you’ll see the default index.php page of the server and now start editing your site!

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